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Founders bio

“If I can evoke a positive feeling, I have accomplished my mission”

Lauren  Serene

Lauren Serene is a professional space-planner, Feng Shui interior designer, ergonomic architect, artist, and photographer.

She incorporates the design principles of Feng Shui to create or change spaces to enhance the lives of her clients.

While still a design student at New York School of Interior Design, she launched her first business: “Serene Designs” stemming from the Feng Shui philosophy:

Feng Shui is a form of environmental psychology, offering the opportunity to increase productivity through an awareness that every aspect of the corporate environment has an impact on their employees. Literally translated as “wind and water”, Feng Shui is the study of creating a “natural” environment and maximizes the potential of the individual. The choice of furnishings within a room influences us, often in very different ways.The universal principles of Feng Shui provide guidelines with which to create or change our spaces so to enhance our lives. In addition to presenting ergonomic solutions to problems, Feng Shui offers creative guidelines for shapes, colors and materials that can be used to create a sense of balance and harmony with the positive flow of energy in the workplace.

After returning to her native Southern California, Lauren”s reputation as an honest and dedicated professional spread. She launched Commercial Interior Services Inc., a business which thrived due to referrals from her satisfied clients.

Lauren has appeared on Home Garden Television -HGTV’s “Look What I Did”, displaying her talent as a cutting edge designer. She has also appeared on Fox, Bravo, and other networks.

Her passion for European architecture, innovative design, art, culture, and adventure brought her to Europe where she reconnected with the memories that influenced and inspired her career.

In 2012, traveling to Paris, France on an inspiration mission for her client, NBC Universal Studios, she had an “epiphany”.

“have a hub in Paris”

Having built a strong client base both on the Western and Eastern part of the United States, having a presence in Europe just made sense.

Although, we are a US based firm, we have global alliances with the most progressive experts in the design industry which includes:  furniture designers, and manufacturers.

Lauren’s philosophy is simply

“Follow through with every detail, from the beginning of a project to completion;
long term connections will follow”