Rethinking how we sit…Is your best sitting position always the next?

HÅG Capisco – ‘The Saddle Chair’ – was designed to model the rider on a horse.
Upright posture in particular for sit-to-stand applications and a desire to achieve more healthy sitting postures.

A little background if you haven’t heard of a Capisco, ‘Saddle Chair’: It was designed by Peter Opsvik, a Norwegian design legend and award winning industrial designer of 30 years, who believes, “if we are allowed to move, we move”, simply put, moving is natural.
I don’t know how to sit still for hours in one seated position comfortably. I have back pain like those of millions of others and finding a chair that moves with my body, allows me to look forward to sitting for longer periods of time and being more productive…

When Peter Opsvik designs his chairs, He begins with an inspiration, functionality and then the design follows. The Capisco ‘Saddle Chair’ was inspired by his research into the working styles of the active horsemen, allowing people the freedom to move into different, natural sitting positions that are not possible in conventional office chairs.
The Capisco ‘Saddle Chair’ was inspiration for another chair within the series, the “Capisco Puls” , receiving its first award just after its launch in 2010. It has gained futher international recognition with winning the Red Dot Design award in the best product design category in 2011.

The Capisco ‘Saddle Chair’ was designed for many moving positions and with the popular Sit to Stand desks , it is a perfect compliment as a “perching chair” — instead of putting all your weight on your backside and thighs while sitting, you put some of your weight on the saddle seat and some of your weight on your feet.
( reference from the book by Galen Cranz’s “The Chair”)

In “Rethinking Sitting”, Author, Peter Opsvik addresses the issue of whether this is the only, and functionally best, design for the human body. When the various authorities on ergonomics promote their one and only “correct” sitting posture, he says all of them are right: Every recommended sitting posture is good. Opsvik sees it as his task to design chairs that allow as many different sitting postures as possible and make it easy to move and change frequently between positions.
For millions of years humans have led physically active lives. In recent centuries, however, industrialization has fostered passivity and the growing predominance of the sitting posture for more and more people. Increasingly, chairs and furniture for sitting have become standard pieces of equipment in the workplace, institutions, and private homes. These sitting devices were designed according to the established standard of the chair, based on the accepted western manner of sitting.”

To watch an interview with Peter Opsvik:

Blog: Lauri Serene, (feng shui architect who enjoys trending healthy ergonomics)

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